Arabic Bread Bran Small

Arabic Bread Bran Small

  • 2.00AED

Wheat Flour, Fine Bran, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Malted Barley, Water

Serving Size

Per Serving


Per Serving


Calories 290 87

Calories From Fat

10 3
Total Fat 1g 2% 0.3g

Saturated Fat

0.2g 1% 0.1g
Cholesterol 0mg 0% 0mg 0%
Sodium 200mg 11% 600mg
Total Carbs 62g 21% 18.6g

Dietary FIber

7.5g 30% 2.3g
Protein 8g 2.4g
Also known as Pita Bread, this is  a  yeast-leavened round flatbread baked at very  high temperatures.Made from wheat flour and fine bran , it bolsters digestive health by providing a good source of insoluble fiber
Shelf Life 3 Days
No. of Pc/Pack : 6 loaves

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