Bahamas Cake

Bahamas Cake

  • 145.00AED

Size : 10-12 Persons

Génoise Vanille (White Base, Egg, Water), Banana, Mousse Banana (Base Cream {Base Cream, Water}, Animal Cream, Vegetable Cream, Vanilla Extract, Banana Essence), Ganache Chocolate (Chocolate, Water, Sugar, Gel Neutre, Butter, Glucose), Chocolate Butter Cream (Butter Cream, Butter, Water, Chocolate, Hazelnut), Syrup (Water, Sugar, Lemon), Chocolate Decoration, Physalis, Gel Neutre
Our Bahamas cake is ideal for any special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or graduation. Made with vanilla genoise, layered with banana mousse topped with a generous layer of chocolate ganache.
Shelf Life: 2 days

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