Tannour Bread White Small

Tannour Bread White Small

  • 2.50AED

Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Salt, Yeast

Serving Size

Per Serving


Per Serving



Calories From Fat

Total Fat1g or 2%0.73

Saturated Fat

0g or 0%0g
Cholesterol0mg or 0%
0mg or 0%
Sodium100mg or 4%
Total Carbs52g or 17%15.6g

Dietary FIber

3g or 12%0.9g
With Tannour Bread being one of the most traditional and authentic bread types, Wooden Bakery has adapted to the growing demand and created this line of Tannour bread very low in yeast. Made from wheat flour it is a good source of energy. Soft and pliable, you can enjoy it for all your wraps or as a chapati or Fajita substitute.
Shelf Life 3 Days
No. of Pc/Pack : 4 loaves

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